On street parking management has become a very important component of a successful downtown. A well designed on street parking program is a key factor in promoting downtown business. Republic Parking System provides a wide range of on street parking management services. We work closely with municipalities and parking authorities to ensure the best approach for their particular needs.

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Services we are currently providing include:

  • Money Counting
  •  Parking Enforcement / Citation Issue
  •  Residential Parking Programs
  •  Customer Service Call Centers


  • Illegally parked vehicles detection – more available space for real clients
  • Provision of statistic information about parking time, usage, turnover for marketing purposes.

About Product

Parking a personal car is one of the major concerns of citizens in urban mobility. In modern city management systems, the use of urban park spaces has its own mechanism, which is carried out with the interaction of citizens and urban officials. By using the facilities available on the IT platform, this interaction can be facilitated.

This automatic urban park management system has prevented direct engagement of citizens and officers and eliminates the problems it poses. In automatic urban park management system both citizens and agents send their information to the IT base central server they access and this system maintains and processes all the information sent as the interface. As already mentioned, this system consists of two parts of citizens and officers.

The IT tool provided allows citizens to send information about their personal car park location. This information includes:

  • The Zone of the car parks (the entire city space is divided into separate areas by using a specific mechanism)
  • Dedicate certain time for car park (with distinct and different maximum time for different areas)
  • Personal Vehicle License Number (as unique ID)

This system notice when parking time is almost up with simple notifications, Extend parking session without having to return to your vehicle.

The IT tool provided for city agents are installable on the vehicle and by passing through the city, all the cars parked are trace and their information is recorded, and this information is sent to the central server of the city park management system.


Accurate and customer friendly software implementation.